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Spa Bath Salt Soak Tubes - Set of 6

Our natural aromatherapy bath salts are mixed with our original essential oil blends, mineral rich Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts and then sprinkled with dried botanicals to create a complete sensory spa experience for your bath.

This set comes with six assorted bath salt tubes with one each of the following blends: 

*Lavender Twist - Lavender & Lemon with dried Lavender buds
*Citrus Sunrise - Pineapple, Papaya, Persimmon, Mandarin, and Lemon with Jasmine buds and Pink Rose Petals
*Seaglass - Cedar Wood, Patchouli, and Black Pepper with Biodegradable Glitter
*Desert Sage - Gin & Cypress with Sage buds
*Wildflowers - Wild Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang with dried Botanical Mix
*Sunshine - Orange, Tangerine, and Lemongrass with dried Jasmine Buds

Each bath salt tube is 2 oz.