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L'Aura Botanicals - Our Story

The beauty and benefits of nature have always surrounded us, but many days, we are usually too busy to notice and we miss out on the amazing gifts that nature provides.

I’m a big believer in stopping to appreciate the little things, whether it’s sunflowers randomly sprouting along the side of the highway or a new plant pushing its way up through the cracks in the sidewalk.

Our mission is to bring nature back into your life one essential oil at a time with unique blends offered in a selection of bath and home products intended to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

All of our products are handcrafted with intent and we strive to promote sustainability with the essential oils we use. We don’t test on animals, only willing family members and friends, and have personally tested each and every item we have created.

It’s important to us that you trust us with your individual body care as well as include us in your special events and gift-giving.

We can’t wait to include you on our aromatic journey!

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