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Bloomberry Glycerin Loofah Soap

Bloomberry Glycerin Loofah Soap is a unique body cleanser which combines the natural exfoliating powers of a loofah sponge with the nourishment and moisturizing effects of glycerin soap. Our soap is formulated with natural ingredients to protect and nurture your skin while gently exfoliating to remove dirt, oils and other impurities. Try it today and experience the smooth, healthy skin you deserve.

Soft sweet berry notes along with refined rich red and white wine notes create a bouquet of bliss for your shower or bath with our glycerin loofah soap.

Each soap round is hand-batched and poured with glycerin soap base, infused with our blends and then a piece of natural loofah is tucked into each bar.

Each soap weighs approximately 3.5 oz to 4 oz.